We gather together in fellowship for many reasons, but mainly because we are not meant to be alone. God calls us to live in community, to share our spiritual gifts, to provide support and encouragement. When we gather together we build relationships, strengthen our faith and foster a greater love for God.

There are times we gather as an entire congregation to celebrate or to mourn and there are times we gather in smaller groups to support or to learn. Sometimes we just want to socialize…without any particular reason but to share the gift of friendship!

Below is a list of just some of the fellowship opportunities at RPPC:



  • Deacon’s Bingo
  • All Church Bowling
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Strawberry Festival
  • Fourth of July Parade
  • Chamber Music Summer Concert Series
  • Back-to-School Sunday
  • Halloween Party
  • Interfaith Thanksgiving service
  • Greening of the Sanctuary
  • Caroling
  • Christmas Pageant


  • Kids Night Out
  • Game Night
  • Faith and Fiction Book Club
  • Knitting Circle
  • Bible Study
  • Gardening

For more information, please visit our calendar page or call the office at 410-889-2001. You may also subscribe to our weekly email below.