Widening our Welcome is a capital campaign that responds to God’s call for us to widen our welcome as a church, to assure inclusion and accessibility to all generations and abilities – for both our members and our broader community. In Acts 10: 34, we are reminded, “God welcomes all.” This is our call and challenge, as well.

Our Vision:

  • Create a culture of caring
  • Expand our worship experiences
  • Actively grow our faith
  • Help others through service
  • Widen our welcome

This capital funding project focuses on improving welcoming, hospitality, accessibility and overall flow of people through the facility. There will also be a special mission component. May we all ask for God’ guidance in how to connect to this vision by asking, “Lord, what do You want to do through me?”

If you wish to talk to a staff member or volunteer Stewardship Committee member about stewardship at RPPC, please contact:

Elder and Session member, Neil McCabe at nmccabe@jhu.edu or our bookkeeper, Caroline Mapp at bookkeeper@rolandparkchurch.org for information.

Estimate of Giving for 2018

Let us be “rich in good works, generous and ready to share.” I Tim. 6:18

I (we) make the following commitment
to support the mission of RPPC

per  week month year

My RPPC Envelope Number is:

Optional Question:
This gift represents roughly
% of my (our) overall income.

For gifts other than cash, please contact church office.

If you are interested in electronic giving, please click "Give Now" button to left.