At RPPC, the Board of Deacons is one of two elected leadership boards. The office of Deacons is traced back to the early church in the book of Acts in the Bible. A deacon is one who serves another. The ministry of our board of Deacons is one of hospitality and caring.

  • Tiffany Abraham (2018*)
  • David Bauer (2019*)
  • Beth Bishop (2020**)
  • Carol Bishop (2020*)
  • Mary Carey (2019**)- Moderator
  • Shirley Dailey (2018*)
  • Connie Gardiner (2020*)
  • Clay Langlotz (2020*)
  • Daniel Martin-Minnich (2019*)
  • Kathy Matava (2019*)
  • Bill Olsen (2018*)
  • Bill Sailors (2018**)

* indicates first term
** indicates second term


The Session or Council of Elders is the other elected leadership board. It is the governing board of the church, making decisions related to vision, staffing, budgeting, worship planning, building usage, maintenance and improvements and so much more. One of the unique features of Presbyterianism is that we always make decisions in groups. The pastor, staff and all members of the church are under the leadership and guidance of the Council of Elders. In fact the Greek word, presbytero, from which we get our name, simply means elder and refers to the way in which we govern ourselves.

    • Matt Bay (2020*) – Treasurer
    • Jackie Capecci (2019*)
    • Laura Cochran (2020*)
    • Sharon Halm (2018*)
    • Richard Letocha (2018*)- Clerk of Session
  • Amy Lutzky (2019*)
  • Jim Lyall (2018*)
  • Matt Marsh (2018*)
  • Neil McAslan (2019*)
  • Neil McCabe (2019*)
  • David Rawle (2020*)
  • Ginny Rutherford (2020*)
  • Pastor Mark Hanna – Moderator

* indicates first term
** indicates second term